Shoppingmall (53)-2d1fffd1

Add an infinite number of department stores.

The interior decorations (escalators, atriums, high ceilings) and cross-linked walkways will be generated after the player enters, so wait a bit.

There are seven types of store compartments in the department store, and you can escape by patrolling in a predetermined order.

While sightseeing in the department store, you must collect fragments (writable_book) of memories that show some of the route to the store that you need to return to. Once you’ve collected them and solved the correct route, you need to find a place where the route is lined up.

You may know that a department store is interrupted, or that you bump into a staircase meeting hall. But even obstacles

If not, there is no need to be scared because the target store is designed to be next to two places, one horizontally and one above and below.

There are three heads.

You can look up the name of the store where the glasses are currently located.

Check if the earmuffs are on the right path now.

The pochette indicates the order of the stores and whether they are currently on track

(zip) [DL:7]